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“The New Jersey Society of Addiction Medicine is grateful the state is focusing on access to quality addiction treatment as they address the opioid epidemic,” said Dr. “While we may have some differences with the exact structure of the legislation, we know that the increased insurance coverage for outpatient and inpatient treatment and further education for prescribers will mean more lives saved from opioid overdose and addiction.

We look forward to working with the legislature and the state to perfect the law as it is implemented and operated.” As this new law is implemented, we encourage the legislature and state agencies to actively monitor its effects to address any unintended consequences or potential improvements of the law.

Ensuring mental health and addiction treatment services are covered at parity with medical and surgical services by payers and health plans is a critical part of NJSAM and ASAM’s efforts to improve access to care.

However, we are concerned with the mandating of any fixed length of treatment, as this does not result in the patient being correctly matched with the right level of care based on the type of treatment and services they need.

Many patients, especially those who do not have a primary care physician, would have difficulty following up within five days if another opioid prescription is necessary for their acute pain.More reform for federal mandates came in 1995 with the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act (UMRA), which promoted a Congressional focus on the costs imposed onto intergovernmental entities and the private sector because of federal mandates.A 1993 study conducted by Price Waterhouse, sponsored by the National Association of Counties, determined that in fiscal year 1993 counties in the US spent .8 billion for twelve unfunded federal mandates.Despite opposition from the Reagan administration and George H. Bush administration, an additional 27 laws that could be categorized as unfunded mandates went into effect between 19.During the period between the New Deal era and the mid-1980s the Court generally utilized an expansive interpretation of the interstate commerce clause and the 14th Amendment to validate the growth of the federal government's involvement in domestic policymaking. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority affirmed the ability for the federal government to directly regulate state and local governmental affairs. United States, the Court struck down a federal law that regulated the disposal of low-level radioactive waste, which utilized the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution to require states to dispose of the radioactive material.

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